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Tobermory Hot Smoked Trout Launches for Easter 2019

It’s something that has been whispered about for the past year or so and it has nearly arrived! We are reintroducing Grampa Goldies Hot Smoked Trout (YESSSSS, my personal favourite). This product differs to our famous Tobermory cold Smoked Trout you already know and love, in that it is a hot smoking process. Our new Hot Smoked Trout also uses Grampa’s secret recipe and is roasted in the smoker at a higher temperature. It has a deliciously soft and flaky texture and is a sweeter alternative to our Hot Smoked Salmon.

Launch date (available to buy online and for our wholesale customers) will be … drum roll … Sunday 14th of April, just in time for Easter Sunday eating! Available as a whole Hot Smoked side or 200g portion.

We love ours served with a dill and lemon mayonnaise, fresh crusty bread, butter and a spring greens salad. Obviously we will send out reminders on all our social media channels when it is available. Mouthwatering photos to come.

Tobermory Fish Company