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Tobermory Fish Company serving suggestion
Tobermory Fish Company serving suggestion
Isle of Mull cheese

Braw Chutney Jar 220g£3.95
Cajun Salmon 1.3kg£39.00
Cajun Salmon 200gm£9.95
Cajun Salmon 400gm£17.95
Duart Dinner£99.99
Entertaining Fish£65.00
Gift Voucher £10£10.00
Gift Voucher £30£30.00
Gift Voucher £50£50.00
Hebridean Blue Wedge 200gm£5.95
Hot Smoked Trout - 200g£8.95
Hot Smoked Trout - 400g£15.95
Hot Smoked Trout 1kg+£34.00
Italian Salmon 1.3kg£39.00
Italian Salmon 200gm£9.95
Italian Salmon 400gm£17.95
Lemon Melts Box 150gm£3.50
Loch Frisa Lunch£59.99
Love Food£29.99
Marmalade Salmon 1.3kg£39.00
Marmalade Salmon 200gm£9.95
Marmalade Salmon 400gm£17.95
Mull Cheddar Wedge 200gm£5.95
Mull Cheese Board£29.99
Mull of Kintyre Kippers£6.95
Pibroch Tablet Bag 100gm£3.00
Roast Salmon 1.3kg£39.00
Roast Salmon 200gm£9.95
Roast Salmon 400gm£17.95
Simply Fish£25.00
Smoked Haddock 1kg£27.95
Smoked Haddock 200gm£6.95
Smoked Haddock 400gm£12.95
Smoked Mussels 200gm£9.95
Smoked Salmon 100gm£7.95
Smoked Salmon 200gm£12.95
Smoked Salmon 500gm£28.95
Smoked Salmon Trimmings 350gm£5.99
Smoked Scallops 200gm£15.95
Smoked Trout Trimmings 350gm£5.99
Smokie Salmon Rashers 200gm£8.95
Smokie Trout Rashers 200gm£8.95
Sound of Mull Seafood£49.99
Sweet Chilli Salmon 1.3kg£39.00
Sweet Chilli Salmon 200gm£9.95
Sweet Chilli Salmon 400gm£17.95
Tobermory Taster£39.99
Tobermory Tipsy Trout 100gm£9.95
Tobermory Tipsy Trout 200gm£14.95
Tobermory Treasure£69.99
Tobermory Trout 100gm£6.95
Tobermory Trout 200gm£11.95
Tobermory Trout 500gm£26.95
Tobermory Trout 900gm Unsliced£34.00
Unsliced Side Cold Smoked Salmon£39.00
Whisky Salmon 100gm£7.95
Whisky Salmon 200gm£12.95
Whisky Salmon 500gm£28.95

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