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Street Food Festival

Tobermory StrEAT Food Festivals 2020

Dates have been announced for the Tobermory Street Food Festivals 2020. After our 3 succsessful StrEAT Food Festivals in 2019 we are doing 3 again in 2020. An other one on a Saturday in June, perfect for the 9-5 Muileach! We understand this is not the ideal time for visitors, as it’s change over day,…

Tobermory Fish Company

Tobermory Hot Smoked Trout Launches for Easter 2019

It’s something that has been whispered about for the past year or so and it has nearly arrived! We are reintroducing Grandpa Goldie’s Hot Smoked Trout (YESSSSS, my personal favourite). This product differs to the famous Tobermory Cold Smoked Trout you already know and love, in that it is a hot smoking process. Our new…

Plate Expectations 1

Plate Expectations

Hello to the food blogger Ailidh Forlan! You might already know her as Plate Expectations. She has gained a huge following of over 10,000 on her Instagram page by posting mouthwatering pictures of dishes that will make you wish there was a ‘deliver now’ button. She, like us, loves using Scottish produce. If you have…